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Dear Sirs,

We are glad to present our tungsten carbide products for you.

DONIX Ltd. produce cemented carbide (tungsten carbide, hard alloy) products by hot vacuum pressing method. From 1996 DONIX Ltd. produce and supply cemented carbide (tungsten carbide, hard alloy) powders, semi-finished products and finished products, especially tungsten carbide rolling rolls and rings for the enterprises of Ukraine and other countries.

At current moment our company is the largest manufacturer of tungsten carbide rolling rings and rolls on the territory of former Soviet Union.Accordingly with main principle "Individual product for specific conditions" our company fulfills the program of scientific-research accompaniment of our products. The important direction of investigations is analysis of main wear mechanisms for tungsten carbide products in consumer's conditions. It is necessary to durability growth and discharge intensity for product and economical index increase from its exploitation. Investigations of working parameters for tungsten carbide products are used for development of optimal compositions and structures of items for these specific exploitation conditions.

Our tungsten carbide products are used on numerous metallurgical and mineral resource enterprises of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Besides we are glad to propose wide range of consulting service from our highly skilled specialists in the material science, metallurgical and rolling fields for our consumers.

Thank you for attention to our tungsten carbide products.

Best regards,

Dr. Alexander Manshylin,                  
General Director of DONIX Ltd.
Denys Sidorenko,
Head of Powder Metallurgy Department
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